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Your “Big Why” Can Save Your Life

Want to live longer and have a fuller life for those longer years? Get a “big why.”   A new study by Mt. Sinai Hospital presented on March 6, 2015 found the following:   “Having a high sense of purpose

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Can You Rebuild Hope Quickly?

Last week we looked at how hope is important to the success of your company, team or organization. How is hope important to your success?   The obvious answer is you are no different from anyone else. Without hope your

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Dispensers of HOPE

See how powerful a motivational force hope is? It motivated LeBron James to not only give up love but it also drove him to two NBA Championships. See last week’s blog if you missed it. Let’s apply this to your

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He Gave Up Love for Hope

LeBron James was featured on the cover of Sports Illustrated as a sophomore in high school and he was so great he skipped college and went straight to the NBA. To top it off he was drafted by his hometown

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The Beatles were Wrong!

The Beatles sang, “All you need is love, love, love…all you need is love.” At the risk of disagreeing with quite possibly the greatest rock band ever – they were wrong! We can live without love. No, really you can.

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