Listen to these inspiring and encouraging words from the Fast Company article on Nov 2014 in regard to companies with a mission:


“Ells (Chipotle CEO) and Cook (Apple) represent a rising breed of business leaders who are animated not just by money but by the pursuit of a larger societal purpose. Their motivation may be personal, emotional, and yes, moral; and yet their idealism is rewarded in the marketplace. In a world that is evolving faster than ever companies such as Apple and Chipotle – and Google and PepsiCo, and even fashion brands like Eileen Fisher- rely on mission to unlock product differentiation, talent acquisition and retention and even investor loyalty. The more they focus on something beyond money the more money they make.”


Sounds like greater employee engagement to me.


Are you ready to get started and build a GREAT company that no one will want to leave? It all begins with leadership. Companies rise or fall on leadership.


Are you passionate about what you and your company do? It all begins with you. It’s as simple as you getting a clear, compelling “Big Why” in 13 words or less. Then helping your team and employees do the same. Then hiring new people who “engage” with your “Why.”


Let’s get together for a cup of coffee and start the journey of transformation.


The world is waiting for you and your companies gifts to be unleashed!


What’s your “BIG WHY?”


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