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Inspiration can be momentary. Motivation can wax and wane. Self-motivation can last a lifetime.


Here is what we have talked about previously: Step 1 to Inspirational Leadership: Get inspired yourself.  Step 2 – Get a Big vision for your team. Step 3 – Get your team inspired.


Step 4 – Build an infrastructure that will facilitate and enhance inspiration and self-motivation. Amazingly it all revolves around the simple yet often illusive concept of a clear, compelling “Big Why;” a purpose, a passion for life and business. Here’s the three key steps to an inspirational infrastructure.


Hire to your company “Big Why”

This simple step dramatically changed the kind and quality of employees we found for my team. Remember Sinek says, “People don’t buy what you do, they buy why you do it.” Advertise for and seek out people who are in alignment with your “Big Why.” Two relatively successful examples of this are Apple and Google. Their people love and are aligned with “why” they are in business. You can train the “what’s” of a job. Finding people who align with your “why” is more critical and often overlooked.


Help Your People Get Clear on their “Big Why”

You can tell in an interview if people are engaged with your “Big Why” yet, they most likely aren’t completely clear on what their “Big Why” is in life, so help them to figure it out. Most of us play small, doubt ourselves and run off our fears and defaults. Inspire your people to rise above the “average.” Inspire them to think bigger, raise their level of hope that they matter and help them discover their gifts to give to the world. If you need help with this, it’s what I do. I can save you time and money on developing your own process.


Lead from the “Big Why”

Every one of your Key Leaders, Directors or Department Heads should know the “Big Why” of everyone who reports to them. You then need to create some kind of system that allows your leaders to support their people in developing their “Big Why’s” on a regular basis. It might be time off, financial support or just encouragement. Be a company that cares, supports and regularly talks about passion and purpose and you will fill your hallways with inspiration and greater profits.


The result – Your people will be your greatest source of success.


Next week – The inspirational results of your inspirational leadership.


What’s your “BIG WHY?”


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