Alright, you have all the tools to lead from your personal and your organization’s “Big Why.” How do you make sure this inspiration lasts? How do you do the vital work of day-to-day leadership? How do you make this transition permanent? You may have tried numerous new initiatives in the past that didn’t take and all it did was make your people skeptical.


It’s starts by being trustworthy. Have you shown in your past actions that you and your word can be trusted? I hope so. People only follow those they trust, those who have proven their trustworthiness. I’m going to assume you are a trustworthy person. If so, you just need to keep revealing this trait day in and day out in every decision you make. Trust is developed by a history of integrity.


The word integrity gets thrown around quite a bit as a need in our culture. Unfortunately we see it less and less or at least it seems that way. The news media is quick to jump on the examples of a lack of integrity in leadership and run with those lead stories. Enron comes to mind as I write this.


So what is integrity? It’s simply this – You have integrity when what you say lines up with what you do. Pretty simple huh?


Great leaders are people of integrity. Their words line up with their actions. What this does in an organization is build trust. When the followers see this on a consistent basis, over time they can be confident that the word of their leader is trustworthy. And people are much more willing to follow a leader that they can trust.


They can trust that you really do have their best interests at heart as they explore living out their “Big Why.” They can trust you aren’t just doing it for the bottom line but that you do want people to lead lives of passion, meaning and impact.


There is more to leading from character than just integrity and we will explore the two other key character traits but building trust starts here – when what you say lines up with what you do you are a leader others are willing to follow.


What’s your “BIG WHY?”


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