Most of us probably don’t want to read this blog. In a society filled with narcissists those who want to serve others stand out like Shaq at a jockey’s convention. You want to really build a company that makes an impact – put those you lead first.


Walmart was a juggernaut, while Sam was alive. Since his death their reputation has changed. Sam was famous for being out in his stores, getting to know the people who worked for him and often cleaning up messes himself. He called the employees “Associates” and shared profits with them.


He grew up in a small town in Arkansas and learned down home values that carried his company to the top. As CEO, his highest salary was $350,000 a year! The first CEO who took over after Sam’s death raised his salary into the millions.


Are you about the mission or the money, the purpose or the prestige, the impact or the newsprint?


Organizations rise or fall on leadership. It starts at the top and rolls down hill, so to speak. Your people will serve your customers when you serve them. Simon Sinek in, “Leaders Eat Last,” says “Customers will never love a company until the employees love it first.”


When a leader has the character of a servant her people will move mountains to serve her. When your personal “Why” is large enough, others centered and legacy oriented it’s easy to step into servant hood. The mission demands it. The legacy empowers it. Put your people first and show it by your actions. Then your people will follow you to the mountain top of success in your industry.


What’s your “BIG WHY?”

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