It’s just simple biology. People are designed to be in community and we seek out love, security and trust. We look for leaders who will provide that to us and we willingly submit to those leaders who provide it. The best leaders are those with great character. Get a big vision and lead with integrity, service and love and you have the recipe for great success.


This is the basic premise in Simon Sinek’s book, Leaders Eat Last. He goes back to the caveman and talks about the “circle of safety.” Ancient man survived because they had others around them, mostly family that they could trust to have their back. You depended upon the collective to eat and survive. He says evolution provided this. I believe there is an intelligence greater than mother nature that built this instinct into us. Either way it’s there.


Today we don’t face the same dangers as the cavemen. Yet this instinct continues. There are still plenty of “threats” to our survival in the world and at work; unemployment, lay offs, even lack of satisfaction or meaning to our work, etc.


Be aware of this biology, this humanity in your company or organization. It’s real. It’s in our DNA. We are human “beings” not human “doings.”


Look around your organization. Are you set up to help people operate and live in a “circle of safety” or …..? Is your culture humane or an inanimate machine? If you worked “in” your company rather than “ran” it, would you stay and thrive? Would you love it and do everything you could to make it successful?


You are human too! It’s even in your DNA. Your instincts tell you it’s true. You need community as well. You crave an environment of integrity, service and love. You want people to have your back.


Spend the rest of your career creating a company no one will want to leave because it’s such a tremendous circle of safety, a lighthouse in a world filled with uncertainty.


What’s your “BIG WHY?”


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